Notifications are a really helpful way of keeping up with what you need to know in a project. It’s also a great way of making sure others know what you need them to know!

We’ve implemented two types of notifications - @mention notifications and ticket assignment notifications.

While Matterhorn is designed to let you do your own thing when you want to focus on the tickets on your dashboard, it is equally important for you to know when you’re needed on something new. This is why we’ve decided to start with only these two notifications.

Using @mention Notifications

@mention Notifications can be used to make sure a certain person sees what you need them to see. If you’ve used Twitter, Slack or Flowdock, you probably already know how these work:

To send a @mention notification, simply type @ in any comment field.

This will bring up a list of your team members. Select the team member you want to notify by either using the arrow keys and pressing enter, or clicking and selecting the person you want.

You can @mention in any part of your comment - it doesn’t have to be done at the beginning.

You can send @mentions notifications to multiple people in one comment

@mention notifications use @mention nicknames

By default, your @mention nickname is a lowercase combinations of your First Name and Last Name.

You can also @mention by typing or pasting in the users full @mention nickname

You can personalise your nickname by going to My Profile from under the Settings Tab.

If your registered as John Adams your default @mention nickname would be @johnadams.

Your @mention nickname only needs to be unique within your team. Having unique nicknames ensures you don’t notify two people at once if they share the same name.

Assigned to Notifications

Matterhorn will also notify you when tickets are assigned to you. This means you can always keep track of when you have new tickets, and makes it easier to catch tickets that have been assigned to the wrong person.

Matterhorn will notify you when:

  1. A new ticket is created that is assigned to you
  2. An existing ticket is assigned to you
  3. When a ticket is assigned to you through the planner

Receiving notifications

Notifications are received in real time, as soon a comment with a mention is sent or a ticket is assigned to you. Notifications will appear in the sidebar (as a number).

Matterhorn will play a sound to let you know that you’ve received a new notification

Hover over me to get a notification sound!
Credits to Soundbible for the great soundbyte

Notifications live on your dashboard as cards above the Activity Feed. Clicking the orange header of the notification will take you to the context of the notification.


Dismissing Notifications

Clicking on a notification header will automatically mark it as read. To dismiss notifications one by one, press the trashcan icon in the bottom right corner. You can also dismiss all of your notifications by pressing the “Mark all as read button”

Email Notifications

By Default, Matterhorn will email you when you receive a notification. You can turn this off by going to My Profile from under the Settings Tab.

Thanks for reading!