For a while, we’ve been debating what to do about the navigation in Matterhorn.

While we liked the simplicity of the navigation we originally designed, there were a lot of avenues we’re we thought it could improve.

These were the issues we wanted to solve:

We wanted a more easily understandable UI especially for new users. We were using icons with hover-over tooltips which meant you had to hover over a link to see what it was for. This wasn’t very effective for telling new users where to find what they needed, nor was it very useful to users who already knew what each icon meant.

We needed a home for quick access to projects. We began to realise that having to click twice to navigate between projects eventually was a major frustration. We needed a way to allow users to quick access all their projects straight from the navbar.

We wanted to introduce notifications. The old Matterhorn design used the logo to take the user to “home”, which was really their dashboard. This wasn’t clear enough and we expected that adding notifications to this mix would confuse users.

We needed to add more links without making the nav confusing We’d added integrations & account settings, but putting both of these as icons in the main nav didn’t make much sense. We knew there should be a subnav for links that weren’t likely to be used all the time, but this clashed with the tooltips.

We took all of these considerations into account, and set about redesigning the main navigation.

The Result?

Why another sidebar style nav?

We were considering going with a more conventional top bar nav, however there were a number of advantages to a sidebar nav that eventually won us over:

Screen Height is important to Matterhorn - as tickets are stacked vertically, more height means you can see more tickets at once!

Laptops and desktop screens generally have more width than height.

A top nav design uses up some of that precious screen height - especially if you want it to be fixed, and also if you have other levels such as project level navigation.

The sidebar meant that the list of projects could always be visible, whereas the top nav would have to have it under a dropdown - therefore it wouldn’t significantly speed up project navigation

Give me the tour already!

Settings Tab

The top part of your navigation will display the Company Name you registered with. Clicking in this section will open up the Settings Tab

Company Settings is where you access your company’s subscription plan, and also where you can manage and invite team members.

Configure Integrations is where you can set up integrations with other services.

My Profile is where you can change your account details, including your email, @mention nickname and whether or not you want to receive email notifications.

Sign Out for when you need to switch accounts or be secretive!

Dashboard & Planner

This section links to your Dashboard. This is where you can access your “to do today” list, notification and activity feed.

The red bubble to the right shows the number of notifications you have.

You can access the planner as usual by pressing the blue planner button

Project quick access

This is the list of all your Matterhorn projects, in alphabetical order. You can navigate to a project by clicking on it, or add a new project by pressing the "new project" button.

For the All Projects overview page, you can press the "view all" link.

We are working on implementing a search function here so that you can get to the project you want even easier.

Love it? Hate it? Need more help?

We’re always interested to hear your views on Matterhorn. If theres anything you’d like to congratulate us on, that you’d like to change, or that you’d prefer to have clarified, don’t hesitate to Get in Touch

Thanks for reading!