Today we’re excited to launch two great integrations in one: Box & Dropbox

Sharing files is such an important part of working together, and we know how restrictive it can be to have to keep files on your computer. Most of us use some kind of online file hosting service, not only so we can access it from everywhere, but also to allow us to share files easily within a team. That’s why we decided to make sharing files from these services to Matterhorn as easy as possible.

There are now three ways of attaching a file to a feature discussion: from your dropbox account, your box account or your computer.

Attaching Files with Dropbox

To attach a dropbox file to your discussion, click on the green “click or drop a file here to upload” section, and select dropbox from the list. This will bring up the dropbox chooser and you will be able to select files and photos from your dropbox account.

Attaching Files with box

To attach a box file to your discussion, click on the green “click or drop a file here to upload” section, and select box instead. Then simply browse to the file you want and press select.

How it works:

Files will be attached as links at the end of your feature discussion. The coolest thing about this? Attaching files in this way means that any file in your discussions will always be up to date with the latest version that was saved in your box or dropbox account!

We will be looking at allowing you to include these links inline in your discussion so that you can reference your files even more efficiently.

File sharing updates in the pipeline

We believe that sharing files within the right context is one of the most efficient ways to communicate with your team, and that is why we’re working hard on bringing you even more improvements to the Matterhorn file sharing experience.

Here are a couple of improvements that we hope to roll out within the next few weeks:

  • Allowing you to insert Box & Dropbox files inline in your discussions so you can reference them even more efficiently
  • Thumbnail previews of files you’ve attached so it’s easier to make sure you’ve got the right one.
  • Allowing you to attach files to tickets
  • Allowing you to attach files to ticket comments

Let us know your thoughts: what other file sharing functionalities would you like to see?

Thanks for reading!